About Us

Our journey into producing elderberry syrup is inspired by a medical background and faith in effective, pre-emptive health.  A defining moment came in 2016 during a particularly rough flu season.  A friend of the family brought us bottle of elderberry syrup which seemingly worked wonders for the recovery time of several of our family members.
We were immediately intrigued and based on limited availability of high quality product in our area, we began making the syrup to incorporate into our daily routine.

Each member of our family has been taking daily servings to support our immune systems ever since, and we’ve been blessed to share this wonderful creation with our friends and family.

After practicing as a Physician Assistant in family practice for 14 years, Melissa is well-versed in modern medicine. In 2014, Melissa developed a genetic mutation that has physically limited her in many ways.
She was forced to stop her practice of medicine and after years of trying to diagnose and ultimately remedy her issues through the healthcare establishment, she has arrived at an improved state by closely monitoring her diet and adding natural supplements. Melissa learned to appreciate the benefits provided by nature and the value of all-natural eating.

Melissa has instilled in her family a belief and a confidence that we, as individuals and as a family unit, are the best advocates for our well-being.

Modern medicine is indispensable to achieving a long and healthy life, but our bodies are at their best when we provide a foundation based on naturally derived nutrition and immune system support.
Blossom Creek Elderberry Syrup is the product of our years-long expedition and is the cornerstone of our family’s health and wellness. We hope that you will partake in it's goodness and make this all-natural delight a part of your family’s plan as well!