How much Blossom Creek elderberry syrup should I take?

When healthy, children should take 1 teaspoon per day and Adults should take 1 tablespoon per day. If you are feeling like you need a boost, you can take it every 3-4 hours.

What is in Blossom Creek elderberry syrup?

Blossom Creek Elderberry syrup is brewed using only the most natural of organic ingredients. Purified water, organic elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, and organic cloves are brewed low and slow with unfiltered local raw mountain wildflower honey added at low temperature for taste and an extra enzyme boost.

Why should I take Blossom Creek elderberry syrup?

Blossom Creek elderberry syrup tastes great! If perhaps you need further reason, elderberries are full of immune system supporting flavonols, as well as anthocyanins, and antioxidant phenolic acids. The health benefits of elderberry have been known and trusted for many generations, tracing back to the bronze age and ancient Greece. In modern times there have been multiple small-scale studies to support the health benefits of elderberry syrup. At Blossom Creek, we believe that advocacy for our health and well-being is an individual responsibility.

With that perspective in mind, we want you to do your own research and decide for yourself. There are many articles available on the web; below are a few helpful links from credible sources to get you started:


Science Daily

National Library Of Medicine

Why use raw, unfiltered honey?

Blossom Creek adds raw unfiltered local northeast Georgia wildflower honey at low temperatures to our elderberry syrup. The honey provides a light sweetness to the syrup. More importantly, our honey adds a tremendous health benefit to the syrup.

Just like elderberries, honey has been recognized for its health benefits for many generations. The low temperature addition is crucially important. Bees add the enzymes that make honey beneficial and those enzymes deteriorate slowly at low temperatures and more quickly at high temperatures. To capture the full health benefit of honey, it needs to be raw and it needs to be unfiltered.

Why must Blossom Creek elderberry syrup be refrigerated?

Blossom Creek is committed to providing the best possible product to our customers. We think it is important for our customers to be comfortable with every ingredient. Our elderberry syrup has no added preservatives and as such it requires refrigeration.

How long will Blossom Creek elderberry syrup keep?

We suggest the product be fully used within 90 days of the batch date on the label. That being said, the product will perhaps keep for significantly longer in the refrigerator. This product expires in a similar manner to milk. If the syrup expires the quality of the taste will be affected, the expired product should be discarded rather than consumed.  In our experience we have had bottles last over 6 months in our refrigerator without issue.  You can also freeze the syrup to extend shelf life.   

Is there anyone that should not consume Blossom Creek elderberry syrup?

Because of the use of raw honey, infants under one year of age should not take Blossom Creek elderberry syrup. Additionally, women who are pregnant or nursing should check with your healthcare provider prior to taking Blossom Creek elderberry syrup. If you have any existing health concerns, it is always advisable to discuss with a healthcare provider prior to consumption.